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Case studies

Identity design. Visual identity leads the way to supervisor success.

The brief

We were tasked with designing a visual identity and branded items for the Leadership Excellence Application & Development programme, or LEAD for short, a supervisory skills training package developed by White Cube Consulting for an oil and gas exploration and production company. All designs had to be simple, eye-catching, and adhere to the oil and gas company’s corporate identity guidelines.

Our solution

We narrowed down a number of concepts to create a logo based on the four points of a compass, one for each of the four words in the name ‘LEAD’. The compass design also symbolised how delegates would learn the skills required to navigate their teams through potentially difficult situations. This idea in particular resonated with the client.

The logo used the oil and gas company’s corporate typeface (Gotham) and colour palette. Upon finalising a set of logo usage guidelines, we created a set of branded training materials continuing the compass theme which included presentation material and an A5 workbook.

The results

The 18-month programme was successfully delivered to 90 offshore and 50 onshore supervisors / managers. It was also shortlisted for the “Staff Matter” category in the Northern Star Awards.




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