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Arrange a 1 to 1 consultation

Case studies

Interactive document design and build. Successful interactive compliance manual for CNOOC leads to further requests from EnQuest and Bumi Armada UK.

The brief

Following our design of a printed 60 page Environmental Compliance Handbook for CNOOC International, we were asked to create an emailable onscreen version to save print and distribution costs.

Our solution

We redesigned the portrait A-size document to work in a landscape format meaning it could be easily viewed onscreen. Built as a pdf file, we were able to add interactive elements such as navigation and graphics make it more dynamic and friendly to any user who is viewing it on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Pdf files come with a small file size for portability meaning that, despite the amount of detailed information the document contained, it could be easily emailed company-wide to audiences on and offshore.

The results

CNOOC’s health and safety team received positive feedback from users, who were instantly able find the information they needed from the comfort of their own workstations. The team recommended the format to colleagues at EnQuest and Bumi Armada UK and we have recently completed interactive documents for both companies, following each company’s corporate identity guidelines to give their respective documents their own unique structure and look.


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