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Case studies

Media coverage. Generating positive press and increasing website traffic for Innovo.

The brief

Innovo Engineering and Construction wanted to publicly celebrate Energy Technology Partnership funding with Strathclyde University in support of eco-robotic vessel development. By sharing this success in the media, Innovo hoped to reach a wider audience and raise awareness of their support of the global energy transition from fossil-based fuel to renewable energy sources.

Our solution

Working closely with Innovo’s technical leads, we wrote a short, compelling press release covering what the funding will be used for, why the project attracted support, and what the future holds for Innovo. The press release was also keyword-optimised to increase Innovo’s search engine presence without sacrificing readability. Along with specially chosen imagery, the final copy was sent to targeted members of the media that would reach the greatest volume of Innovo’s target markets.

The results

The story was featured in ten local / national publications, both on digital platforms and in print, and contributed to an increase in Innovo’s website traffic of 74%. The release also rated as one of the most popular landing pages on Innovo’s own website, with the best traffic (by engagement) coming from the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil.




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