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Case studies

Brand identity guidelines. Presenting a unified vision of the Sparrows Group brand.

The brief

Over time, inconsistencies had begun to appear in the application of the brand identity for Sparrows Group. Despite the existing brand elements pre-dating our relationship with Sparrows, we were asked to formalise a set of rules to explain how the brand should work.

Our solution

Working closely with the Sparrows in-house marketing and communications team, we created a brand application document to explain how the main brand elements should be applied consistently across the spectrum of marketing tools. This covered the company logo structure and specifications, and how to use the colour and monochrome versions across a wide range of printed and digital collateral. Guidance for colour usage, fonts, photography style, signage, apparel and branded merchandise is described in detail to help staff and suppliers present a unified vision of the brand to the public.

As well as the finalised guideline document, a set of Microsoft Office templates for staff’s day-to-day operations were also standardised for presentation material, proposal documents and stationery. We also created a range of templates for marketing material created using Adobe Creative Cloud’s range of apps, enabling us to share and refine work with the Sparrows in-house marketing and communications team.

The results

The user-friendly instructions and templates are now available to all staff via the company’s Intranet site and are frequently passed onto suppliers worldwide. The success of this project led to further work for one of the Sparrows Group Companies – Alpha – delivering the same visual branding solutions.