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A guide for rebranding multinationals. By Fiona Sands, Designtastic

It’s not always obvious when to implement a rebrand. But sometimes it just makes sense, particularly for companies headquartered in the UK but with operations overseas. Whether to symbolise an evolution in your business’s offerings, or in response to a merger/acquisition, a rebrand can be a significant catalyst for staying relevant, and competitive. In our guide for rebranding multinationals, we’ll be discussing the importance of rebranding in particular contexts, assessing your current brand identity, defining your strategy, and implementing your rebrand.

The importance of rebranding

Rebranding multinationals amid significant changes or mergers/acquisitions can be incredibly beneficial, particularly from a strategic standpoint. If you’re adjusting your business’s offering, it’s likely due to changes in the market. Rebranding will mean that you’re embracing these changes, and further ensure that you can keep up with the shifting market.

Refreshing your brand identity allows multinational companies to adjust to evolving consumer preferences. And if you’re rebranding due to a merger or acquisition, giving your brand identity a refresh will help you to leverage the strengths of those merged/acquired companies. You’ll be symbolising your evolution as a multinational brand, and strengthening your position in both the UK market and the global market.

Rebranding multinationals: assessing your current brand identity

One of the very first steps for rebranding multinationals is reflecting on your current branding. What makes your brand stand out from the competition? Are there specific areas for improvement? If you’re in the midst of a merger or acquisition, you’ll need to also consider the existing identities of those entities, too. To what extent does their identity align with yours? This sort of in-depth analysis will help you get a sense of where your identity is right now, and where you want it to be in the future.

Define your rebranding strategy

When adjusting your business offering or in the midst of a merger/acquisition, the main goal of your rebranding strategy will be to align your identity with those changes. Your company’s existing branding was designed to resonate with your target audience, so you’ll need to consider whether your target audience has shifted- or whether it’s due to shift soon. A merger/acquisition, for example, is likely to introduce new, diversified subsets within your target audience. You’ll need to make sure you’re tailoring your branding to them, at least in some capacity, in order to make the most of your rebrand.

Craft a compelling story

Now’s the time to develop the narrative of your rebrand, beyond mere business jargon. Paint your stakeholders a picture, one that explains both why you’re rebranding, and how that rebrand will impact the company’s future. By developing a brand narrative that answers these questions in a captivating and memorable way, your company can both inspire and engage stakeholders.

Rebranding multinationals: the implementation

Now you’re onto the practical steps that will bring your revitalised brand to life. As well as updating your visual identity (logo, colour scheme, fonts etc), you’ll also need to consider your messaging. Your company has a new story now- how are you going to word it?

A guide for rebranding multinationals: conclusion

Rebranding is a crucial step for UK-based multinational companies with operations overseas. It symbolises evolution, helps the company adapt to market/audience changes, and in the context of a merger or acquisition, it will allow you to leverage the strengths of those new entities. Assessing your current brand identity, defining a strategic approach, and crafting a compelling story are all vital steps towards crafting a successful rebrand. By following these steps, companies can revitalise their brand, stay relevant, and position themselves for success in an ever-changing business landscape.

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