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Website design: can AI design your website?. By Fiona Sands, Designtastic

Artificial intelligence is very big right now. The limits of AI technology seemed far greater even as little as one year ago- at least, the limits of the tech available to the public. Now, it feels like the majority of work processes can at the very least be streamlined by AI, if not automated entirely. And one question on many businesses’ minds is: can AI design my entire website? While one can't really argue that AI is perfect in its current state, the advancements in recent years are undeniably staggering. So, yes, tools like Chat GPT could absolutely assist in building your website. But to what extent?

As an agency who have for years been providing bespoke website design in Aberdeen and beyond, it’s a question that intrigues us more and more every day. And in today’s blog, we’ll be answering that question.

Website design Aberdeen: capabilities and limitations

There are now a wide range of capabilities when it comes to assisting designers in the process of website design. Chat GPT, as well as other tools more specifically centred around design, can help designers in making more effective, efficient websites. They can also, to a certain extent, make websites more visually appealing. AI can also generate certain elements based on the designer’s preferences, such as colour schemes, image placement, & font choices. This is, at the very least, a time saver.

But even with the remarkable advancements in recent years, AI still has its limitations. It can generate design elements, and can even make recommendations based on data analysis. But whether you’re designing a website, or a brochure, or a billboard, AI will always be lacking the human element. It’s true that the websites AI is absorbing all its information from were indeed designed by humans, but this ultimately means that any AI-generated design choice is merely an amalgamation of choices made by real designers.

Website design Aberdeen: The benefits of AI

While AI is far from the be-all and end-all of website design, there are inarguably numerous benefits. These include increased efficiency via automation of tasks, intelligent personalization for a stronger user connection, and improved customer service through AI chatbots. The aforementioned data-driven UX could also help your website drive more conversions, and ultimately increase the revenue of your business.

The future of AI in website design

One of the most optimistic glimpses into the future of AI is in regards to dynamic website experiences. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, designers will be able to personalise the experience for specific users, and using data-driven insights, these experiences can adapt in real-time to user behaviour. While web developers still need fairly extensive knowledge to put together a functional, visually appealing website from scratch, AI will streamline the process, allowing designers more time to provide it with the human touch.

Website design Aberdeen: can AI design your website? – conclusion

While AI has made remarkable advancements in website design, it still has limitations, as it lacks the human element. However, there are undeniable benefits of using AI in website design, including increased efficiency, improved customer service, and data-driven UX. The future of AI in website design looks promising, with the potential for dynamic website experiences through machine learning algorithms.

Although web developers still require extensive knowledge, AI will continue to streamline the website design process, allowing designers to provide the human touch that makes websites truly unique. As an agency providing bespoke web design, we remain continually intrigued by the possibilities of AI in website design in Aberdeen and beyond.

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