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Proactive marketing and communications support. KCA Deutag is a leading drilling, engineering and technology partner in current and future global energy markets, delivering innovative solutions to ensure a secure, affordable and sustainable energy future. Group Head of Communications at KCA Deutag, Linzi Punton, explains why Designtastic is their partner of choice.

Responsive website design and development.

Interactive documents.

We needed to update our visual identity to make it consistent across marketing media and symbolise our vision for an innovative, greener, and more sustainable future. An equal priority was to update our website to reflect our technology innovations and commitment to the energy transition and sustainability through our Culture of Care and the delivery of solutions that ensure a responsible future.

Having worked with Graeme and Fiona for about fifteen years, spanning three different brands, I invited Designtastic as one of the design agencies we approached, knowing that I could trust their ability to successfully deliver projects even in tight turnaround times.

With the initial goals met, Designtastic continues to work as an extension of our in-house marketing team, bringing their guidance and inspiration to every project and task we collaborate on. Working with them on this basis delivers excellent value for money and they are always very responsive to urgent requests. No matter what digital or traditional assets are needed to build a brand, working with Designtastic is always a rewarding experience.

Graphics for social media posts.

Video and animation.